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Objectives of the Euredocs network

The main objectives of the network are :

  • to identify the doctoral students and young doctorates working on issues related to the europeanisation of higher education and research,
  • to construct an on-line directory,
  • to regularly organize a "doctoral students conference" on these issues. The first one will be held in Paris in June 2004.

Euredocs Activities

They mainly consist in :

  • a website, which is a unique resource for doctoral students and young doctorates, a place for the exchange of information in addition to providing access to a directory
  • a directory collecting detailed information about doctoral students and young doctorates and about their Phds in progress or recently defended on the europeanisation of higher education and research,
  • the organisation of international conferences dedicated to doctoral students and young doctorates.

Euredocs Scientific Committee

In order to develop and run this network, Sciences Po has funded a scientific committee composed of five well-known European research centres and their representatives:

  • CSO, Sciences Po and CNRS, France (Christine Musselin)
  • CHEPS, University of Twente, Netherlands (Jürgen Enders)
  • CIPES, University of Porto, Portugal (Pedro Teixeira)
  • Institute of Education, University of London, United Kingdom (Vincent Carpentier)
  • OSPS, University of Lausanne (Gaële Goastellec)
  • School of Education, Roehampton University, United Kingdom (Penny Jane Burke)
  • Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, University of Bergen, Norway (Ivar Bleiklie)
  • Wissenschaftliches Zentrum für Berufs-und Hochschulforschung, University of Kassel, Germany (Barbara Kehm)