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What is Euredocs?

Euredocs is a new doctoral network on europeanisation of higher education and research, animated by Sciences Po. This network concerns doctoral students and young doctorates (thesis defence within the three last years) addressing europeanisation on issues such as: the structure of study programmes, evaluation/accreditation procedures, change in national public policies, transformation in university government, academic career patterns, production of knowledge, the impact of internationalisation/globalisation, etc.

It aims at facilitating and enabling more communication among those doctoral students and young researchers. This network also aims at promoting publication and diffusion of research results, as well as facilitating exchange and mobility among young scholars in this field.

Who is concerned?

The network concerns doctoral students and young doctorates (having promoted within the three last years) working on these issues in different disciplines such as sociology, political science, economics, history, educational studies…


Welcome to Euredocs!

Read the latest news of Euredocs events, happenings and burning issues. Items European-wide with bearings on the Euredocs conference are available from this link.

Conference 2012

Eighth International EUREDOCS Conference
Download the call for papers - Deadline for the submission of a proposal is 30 January 2012

Conference 2009

Sixth International Euredocs Conference

Beyond Change
Transformation, continuity and inertia in Higher Education and Research

Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (Sciences Po and CNRS)
Paris - France

29-31 May 2009

>> Call for papers

Conference 2008

Fitfth International Euredocs Conference

Modernising European Higher Education: Priorities, Ideas and Challenges

CIPES – Center for Research on Higher Education Policies - University of Porto and University of Aveiro

23– 25 May 2008

>> Call for papers

Conference 2007

Fourth International Euredocs Conference
Researching Higher Educational Change and Transformation

25 – 27 May 2007

>> Programme

Annual Conferences Presentation

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